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We like to keep things as simple as possible, so instead of elaborating on Facebook with its limited tools to set and review the rules, we decided to go with a Life to Legend Facebook guide and rules page. If you're someone that just likes to read along, this page might not be for you. But if you're an active contributor, take the time to read this. It will make everybody's life a little bit easier!

Hi! My name is Tessa, I’m a Dutch artist, art director, and creative project manager. I love to share my passion for this craft, nature, art and fantasy, and do that by creating this archive and community, alongside my company Tez Art & Design.

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Moderator and admin team

Over time the group grew, this means the group of moderators did too. In case you’re stuck with something, feel free to contact any of us for the corresponding channels! We will do our best to help you out asap. Note that this list may grow and change, so it’s worth checking it out whenever an issue pops up!

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Tessa Geniets (1st Admin)Anna Mudge (Your first go-to)Tessa GenietsTessa Geniets
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Life to Legend admins and moderators


We discussed the rules and the why’s before in the announcement, but to keep everything in one place, we will elaborate on it a bit more. If you only read the rules you’re fine. To understand the ‘why’ behind it, just read the text below. If you have any questions: Don’t hesitate to ask them on the forum or at the Facebook group!

Whatever you post: Make sure it’s relevant

For your convenience, we made a list of things you can and cannot post. We know that some subjects can be a bit vague, especially when it comes to human character designs, but we hope that this list helps you out! Don’t worry about posting your own art and if it’s relevant enough, we will notify you if it isn’t, but there won’t be any repercussions. Your post won’t be removed either. This mostly applies to 3rd party links and shares.

You can do the following:

  • Creature designs.
  • Character designs (as long as they’re unnatural. This could be a strange animal-like feature, a fictional race, wielding magic, etc. It has to be visually clear they’re not a regular human being).
  • Anthromorphs.
  • Hybrids.
  • Mechs.
  • Plantlike or inanimate objects made into characters and creatures. (Don’t limit yourself, just make anything lifelike!).
  • Mythical creatures and characters.
  • Magical creatures and characters.

As the above suggests: We’re doing our best to have the groups focus on surrealism. However, because the animal kingdom is so large and complex and requires a lot of studying and practice: We do allow the following as well:

  • Wildlife.
  • Pets and farm animals.
  • Extinct animals.
  • Environment studies including the animal/creature, or explaining how it fits with what animal/creature.
  • Anything that could be turned into characters/creatures and their props for reference.
Life to Legend Facebook guide and rules. Made with the help of Jerome Evaristo Nicolas.
Upper right image by: Jerome Evaristo Nicolas
Other images made by: Tessa Geniets

Do not share or link to:

  • Documentaries. (It’s fine to do so if someone asks a specific question and you can reply to it with a link to a documentary). Just don’t start with one.
  • Conservation initiatives.
  • Animal abuse.
  • Crowdfundings.
  • Think twice before sharing video’s from Youtube. You are allowed to, but make sure it’s of real added value. FB doesn’t like Youtube – at all, and everytime you do so Facebook will penalize the group. However: Some video’s are of great value for what we do, so we don’t forbid it. To have the added value of Youtube video’s shared with the group, we frequently make blog posts on this website with interesting Youtube video’s in them.

Linking to your social media pages is okay, if you add value to the group

Posts containing only links to social media pages will be removed immediately. However, if you ask a question, start a serious discussion or share your art with the group, it’s perfectly fine to share your social media pages as well! Just make sure you add to the community in some way.

Linking to your website is NOT allowed

This is a public group. We want to avoid that people join only to drop links to their websites. There will be some opportunities though for you to drop your website link, but that’s prompted only by me or one of the mods. It’s not that we don’t want YOU there, it’s that we don’t want people there that don’t care about the group and only want to fish for exposure.

We also don’t allow link trees, if you have something to share, you can link directly to your social media page. This is because it can easily be abused and Facebook doesn’t like outbound links to begin with. (Meaning: Any links not directing to Instagram or Facebook itself). As Facebook and Instagram are dominating in the art world anyway, we like to keep the link trees out of the equation. But if you link to your Artstation or Deviantart or something: Don’t worry! That’s allowed.

Credit artists

We will be really harsh on this one. There is enough plagiarism going on already and there are few artists that aren’t victims of theft or plagiarism. Whenever you show art from another artist you either link the post directly from their Facebook page, or you state their name within the visible part of your text. (Keep in mind the ‘read more’ part of your Facebook post). You will only get one warning for a violation like this. We do understand that you mean well, but this is a real sore spot for many artists and we cannot tolerate it because of this reason.

Make sure your first post is of value

Share your art, ask a question or start a discussion. Please don’t come in and share only an outbound link or prompt people to look at your IG page or something along those lines. This group is a community. Not a place to drop oneliners, or draw attention to only yourself by dropping things leading away from the group. If your first post isn’t of value as described: You will be removed from the group right away.

NSFW and sensitive subjects

We do NOT allow NSFW images in the group. This is a Facebook rule and we cannot bypass that. You can share NSFW images on our Discord page instead, in the dedicated channel. We have no problems with gay content. This is allowed and will be moderated as any other post, keeping the FB rules in mind. (No nudes, crotch, and female nipples need to be covered, sexual actions need to be covered as well). Kissing, hugging, spooning, etc. That’s all fine.

Stay kind, everybody is learning

This should be a no-brainer. You, me, everybody is always learning. Some people are weak in one area, while others are in another. You might want to avoid giving critiques if people don’t ask for them. Or just ask them if they’re open to some. And when you do give critiques: Make sure it’s friendly and useful. Things like ‘I don’t like your reds’ are pretty useless. Make sure they’re constructive and you give the person something they can work with.

We will not tolerate know-it-all dickheads that cannot give constructive feedback.

Prompt guide

Yes, the prompts are back! But how should you go about them? First things first: You don’t HAVE to do anything and you can implement the prompts in your daily life any way you want. The way we work with prompts does have a purpose though. An example is below:

Life to Legend prompts explained

Prompts on LtL are monthly, This is because of practical reasons. But to keep everyone busy, we divide the monthly prompt up in sub-prompts, followed by a final prompt. So, what is the use of sub-prompts? And what does the final prompt really mean?

Monthly prompt subject

The monthly prompt is always one specific subject. It can be as simple as ‘shadow’ or as complex as ‘Environment + mushroom creatures’. The idea is to investigate that specific prompt alongside other members of the group and discover their approaches while also gaining inspiration for your own projects.


It’s hard sometimes to find inspiration for a specific subject. To help you out and to keep you busy in case you have the time, we specified some sub-prompts to get your creative juices going. You do not need to do them. And you do not need to do all of them. You can pick and choose, or just go straight to the final prompt.
If you are unfamiliar with the subject though we do recommend you practice with the sub-prompts before starting with the final one.

Final prompt

The final prompt requires you to create a fully rendered character or creature that follows that specific prompt and includes the subject. This is your final task if you decide to join in. When we have enough participants we will start an Instagram channel, displaying your art as well as your Instagram page when it meets the requirements. (Serious attempt and fully rendered). More about that when the time is there!

Final thoughs

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them! There may be some things missing that might be important, and there might be things that are relevant to you but didn’t cross our minds. If anything is unclear, or you have something to add, please let us know!

We would love to hear from you!

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