Life to Legend bi-annual updates and evaluations

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Life to Legend is ever-growing, and so is the demand for specific articles, tools, and more. The last update was in late December 2021, so it's time to go ahead and come up with a new update! So where is LtL standing, and what are the future plans as it stands now?

Hi! My name is Tessa, I’m a Dutch artist, art director, and creative project manager. I love to share my passion for this craft, nature, art and fantasy, and do that by creating this archive and community, alongside my company Tez Art & Design.

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Life to Legend updates and evaluations

Time flies, especially in times like these. When one thing seems to go back to normal, the other shows up and messes things up again. Life isn’t easy for artists, and navigating this profession effectively proves to be hard for many. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though! I myself am navigating as I go. Not only as an artist but also as a blogger, and someone that wants to create a safe and informative haven for all artists alike.

But what does this mean for Life to Legend? Well, most things will stay the same, for now, but some things are rapidly changing and new things were added to the already existing LtL website, So let’s run through them all!

Character design prompt generator

As many of you know already: We now have a Character Prompt generator! We had our Creature Prompt generator for a while already, but it was clear there was a need for a Character Design Prompt generator as well. So I went ahead and asked Ryan Holt, the person who was so kind to donate his time to LtL and build the Creature Prompt generator if I could re-use his code to build a Character version as well, I got the green light, and now LtL is a Character Design Prompt generator richer! My gratitude goes out to Ryan Holt for his generosity and help whenever I messed up the code!

I hope you all will enjoy the character prompt generator and make a lot of awesome art with it!

The direction of blog subjects

So, LtL started out as a wildlife and creature design Facebook group. It evolved into a new Facebook group (Life to Legend) paired with this website in early 2021. As is natural, this website evolved as well. Where I first mostly wrote about wildlife and nature and how it connects to creature design, LtL now gravitates more toward the ins and outs of being a freelance artist, while also discussing subjects like art fundamentals, character and creature design, nature, wildlife, and cultures.

As time goes on I expect LtL to evolve further. Just like with any business, it will go with the flow so it will align better with the demand. And that’s exactly what the next subject is about!

Life to Legend Youtube channel

Yep, LtL has a Youtube channel! I thought it was time to take LtL to the next level. Wanna know what it’s about? Just check out this video :D. I won’t become a so-called Youtuber, but this channel will support what I’m doing here at LtL and will help you forward as well!


Yea, freebies! Who doesn’t want them? LtL expanded the Treasure trove with a texture pack and brushes! Next to the already available ‘Draw a realistic cat’ tutorial! Just subscribe to the newsletter to receive the password for these freebies! Don’t want to subscribe? You can also head over to Gumroad and buy them there.

Tutorials and courses

As I mentioned a couple of times: The goal of LtL is to become a teaching platform. The blogs will lay the foundations, and all the other tools will always be accessible as they are now. But as time progresses and the path ahead becomes clearer. I started the early preparations for LtL to become this platform any artist can feel at home, as well as grab an affordable tutorial or two on whatever subject they like.
The Youtube channel is the first step in that direction where free tutorials and overpaints are offered as well as timelapse videos, interviews and art talks. The next step is to offer courses. This will take some time longer to develop because I want to offer complete in-depth courses on specific subjects with information you can’t just get anywhere.

If you’d like to stay up to date and grab freebies that will be monetized, later on, I recommend that you join our Discord group! This is the only way to access these courses for free! And it’s also the place to go to check out tutorials from other people you would normally pay for. Many of these are offered temporarily for feedback purposes, so make sure you stay on top of it!


Overpaints are illustrations from one person that are overpainted by another artist. This is something that can be really beneficial when one person has a different skill set than you have, or you are simply stuck and in need of a fresh set of eyes.

From my own experiences, things can be very obvious if it’s not your own painting you’re looking at. It’s easy to stare ourselves into oblivion when we’re working on an artwork trying to develop our skills. In my opinion, these overpaints are vital for quicker development and because of that, I decided to start offering overpaints as a new service. Right now it’s not yet up and running, but it’s coming soon! At this moment they’re only done by me, but this may change in the future and you can make your pick depending on what style or specialization you prefer.
These overpaints will include a video which will also be featured on our Youtube channel to help boost your exposure as well as educate others!


To get this initiative rolling, we need more members on our Discord channel! We noticed that Facebook is no longer a good place to maintain a community. Discord is a lot more transparent, and anonymous, and has a far better reach than Facebook has these days. So I decided to offer free overpaints based on a specific prompt! We will do so on a monthly basis whenever we hit the minimum of 10 submissions!
These overpaints will be lengthy and in-depth I will discuss every aspect of the winning artwork with our own unique views.
So make sure you tune in to our discord server and tell all your friends about this initiative so we can expand further and make Life to Legend an even more sustainable and bustling community!

We would love to hear from you!

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