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As we all know: Time can fly. And boy, did Life to Legend fly! This is the first bi-annual update for Life to Legend of 2023 so let's have a look back and into the future! Where do we stand now? What are the plans? What has changed? I have to say that when I started the precursor to Life to Legend, called Wildlife and Creature design, I didn't foresee what it now 3 years in the future would look like. But since starting with Life to Legend on the 9th of January 2021, it's shaping up nicely in the direction I intended it to! Something I'm extremely happy about of course! And something I couldn't have done without all of you readers and supporters! So Thank you!

Hi! My name is Tessa, I’m a Dutch artist, art director, and creative project manager. I love to share my passion for this craft, nature, art and fantasy, and do that by creating this archive and community, alongside my company Tez Art & Design.

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Life to Legend, back and to the future, evaluations

As you may have noticed: The past few months it has been a bit silent here. While the social media channels, and mainly Discord have been growing, things were a bit silent on the website. Not without a reason though!
As Life to Legend grew, things changed in my life too. This required me to step back for a little while to see what Life to Legend would do with less maintenance, but also to re-evaluate how I’m gonna grow Life to Legend from here on. This pause in writing articles taught me a lot and gave me the much-needed time to decide on its course.

What did the lack of maintenance show you?

Well, anyone that’s somewhat familiar with social media or building websites knows that a lack of updates can do a lot of damage to your site/social media channels. You shouldn’t take this as advice though! The drop in traffic came, but only ever so slightly. The drop was highest in the shared links and social media traffic to this site. But the google search results stood well up there! This is surprising but told me something important: Life to Legend is sustainable, even when it’s left to its own devices for a while.

So what is the next step with Life to Legend?

The past is showing me what’s doable and what’s not. What technically works and what doesn’t. I learned through trial and error and came out the other end with a very solid website while I started with little to no knowledge of building and maintaining sites, something I’m very proud of. And as I said before, couldn’t have done without you guys!

What isn’t going to change

Life to Legend and its social media channels will stay as they are essentially. Life to Legend will continue to grow and develop in every sense, and it will continue to be a learning platform for artists of all kinds and a place to come together and feel at home. This basically means that the foundations are set in stone now, and everything else will be built upon what’s already existing!

What is going to change

There is a reason that there were no blog posts for a while. Imagine that it takes several hours to build an article. I have published a total of 95 articles now, this is the 96th. Each of them takes on average 4 hours to write. That’s 384 hours donated in 2 years to just get info on this website. I’m not even talking about the time for the art, maintaining and editing the website itself, and keeping up with the social media channels. All and all, Life to Legend takes an average of about 10 hours each week to maintain when I also write weekly articles. This is all unpaid and therefore not sustainable in the long run. There are solutions to that, but next to the jobs, commissions, and projects I’m working on, it’s not easy.

That being said: There will be fewer written articles like the ones you’re used to. But there will be more different formats for you to enjoy.
From here on written articles will come up every other week. However, there might be extra articles coming up every now and then when there is an urgent topic to discuss like AI was in 2022. There will also be more videos on our Youtube channel!

What is new

You might have come across Jade Zivanovic before, this is one of her beautiful illustrations!

As I mentioned before: The Youtube Channel! It has been around for a little while already, and it’s time to properly utilize it. And there are a lot of nice things coming up in the coming year, things I am really excited about!

  • Drawing and discussing several subjects together with my good friend Jade Zivanovic!
  • In-depth discussions about creativity-related subjects with several guests in fields such as art, writing, and the film industry.

Other than that there will be multiple new courses hosted by Skillshare made by me (Tessa Geniets). The overpaint services will be opened up as well in the second half of this year, and alongside that, I will be starting with the overpaint contests I mentioned some months ago. I had to move them up because of logistical reasons, but as I’m walking a new road now with Life to Legend, enough time will be available for that.


All and all quite a few things are coming up and will be developed throughout 2023! I can’t wait to see what this year is gonna bring and I really hope that you are as excited as me and will stick around and help with growing Life to Legend by sharing your wonderful creations!

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