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[Sticky] How to post your prompt-related artworks (Creature generator)

Tessa Geniets
Kelpie Admin

With the creature generator available you can post prompts anytime!
It's very helpful if you post the tags as displayed below.

[DIGI] (Digital art)
[TRAD] (Traditional art)
[MM] (Mixed Media)
[3D] (3D)
[STO] (Story/writing)
[OTH] (Other)

Additionally, you may add [WIP] (Work in Progress) for more attention and returning viewers.

A topic title could look like this:

[DIGI][WIP] - *Name you gave your artwork*

Don't forget to add the prompt in the beginning, so we know what your creature is about!
And if you want to write it a narrative, even better!

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