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Google Adsense

Tessa Geniets
Kelpie Admin

Adsense approval
This website is awaiting approval for Google Adsense. So when it gets approved, it might end up looking like a mess, I'm sorry about that! If that's the case, I will solve that asap!

Why adsense?
Well, I wish that it wasn't necessary. Right now the website doesn't cost me that much, but it's not fully upgraded and it's slooooow. There's also not much space for web storage. And the bigger it gets, the more things can go wrong, this means the website will also need better protection services, etc. For the first few years that will roughly land on €1k upkeep a year, funded by one person. That's why adsense needs to be present. When there are other solutions: Adsense will disappear!

Thanks for your understanding!


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Topic starter Posted : 30/03/2021 9:07 pm