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Share your local mythical creatures and characters!

Tessa Geniets
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I'm curious, after digging into Dutch mythical creatures I was astounded by the number of creatures I did AND didn't hear from before. Please share the three most well known mythical chars/creatures right here with a little description!


Three of the Dutch most well known legends:


Flying Dutchmen (De vliegende Hollander)

Best known from Pirates of the Caribbean, but a way older legend. The Flying Dutchmen is a VOC traders ship from the 1800s, the captain, Willem van der Decken sailed his ship from the Netherlands to Africa in an effort to get to Batavia as quick as possible, which was a power struggle at the time, on Easter morning, despite his wifes' plea to stay home. When arriving at Cape the Good Hope, his crew didn't want to continue and begged him to return, which he refused.

In an angry fit, he threw the helmsman overboard while screaming 'God or the devil'. The devil took hold and cursed the ship. The Dutchmen and its crew never really returned home, but sometimes can be seen sailing the waters with blood-red sails. If you happen to be in its proximity, the Dutchmen may send out a sloop with the request to deliver mail to a long-gone family.


The Gnome king Kyrië

This legend speaks of a Gnome king called Kyrië, which used to live on the Kerkakkers at the Kabouterberg, near Kempen. These gnomes were known to help out the farmers, preferably at night because they were private folk.

One day, Kyrië went out for a stroll, but accidentally got hit by the bullets of a hunter, something he didn't survive. From that moment on, the gnomes no longer wanted to have to do with people and moved away.


The Witte Wiefen of Lochum

Witte stands for white, Wiefen is an old Dutch word that translates to wijven, which, in the Dutch language is not the most appropriate way to address a woman, but is not exactly an insult either.

The Witte Wieven were lingering at Lochum, a Dutch town, at the Northern flank of the 'Kale berg' where a clay quarry was located. During the day, the misty entities would linger at the quarry, but at night you better be safe at home, cause the Witte Wieven would leave the quarry as strands of mist.

If you didn't bother the Witte Wieven they would usually just leave you alone or even help you out if you were to be in trouble. They were known to help out women that were giving birth as well. But disturb them, or accidentally cross their path, and you may be in trouble. They would chase you through the night, clawing at you, or even abduct women, steal children or swap young babies.

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