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Priority blog subjects

Tessa Geniets
Kelpie Admin

Hey all!

here you can find the blog subjects that have the priority in the coming months. Some of them I picked myself, others were suggested by you! Suggestions are appreciated, but that doesn't guarantee I will write about them on short notice, there are simply too many subjects out there to write about in a lifetime. However, the more popular this website becomes, the more I can write on a weekly basis! So please share whatever you can with your friends and family through social media!

Incoming subjects

- Life cycle of jellyfish.
- The phoenix of the ocean.
- Panda ants ~Flightless bees from South America.
- The hummingbird hawk-moth.
- The somersault of the Surinam toad, and growing eggs on your skin.
- When the ocean is on fire.
- When you can see the most colors as a species but are unable to comprehend.

- The Flying Dutchmen.
- Eastern dragons.
- Western dragons.
- Wyverns.
- How the dragon god Ryujin made the jellyfish lose it's bones.
- The Witte Wieven of Zwiep and how they can be your blessing or your curse.
- The Yowie, the Yeti of Australia.
- The Bunyip and its many forms.
- The Black Shuck, heralds of death.
- Honey bees, messengers between the world of the living and the dead.
Toadstones, legends of the old days, what do we know today?

- T-rex
- Mammoth
- Pinta Giant Tortoise
- Thylacine

- The history of bioluminescence.
- Why mutations are the key to life.
- How fungi may be the reason why mammals dominate the world today.
- Genes and mutations, a new life is born.
- When does one species turn into another?
- How pistol shrimps helped win the 2nd world war.

- The importance of understanding your creature design.
- Why do i need to study life before designing a new creature.
- A list of mythical creatures and where their inspiration comes from.
- What makes a good creature design.
- Recommended youtube artists.
- Art-school, is it really needed? 
- The imposter syndrome.
- Art-block and what to do about it.
- Protecting your art and how to deal with plagiarism.
- What you should be drawing to make a career.
- How symbolism dictates creativity.

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The only things that have no place in imagination, are boundaries.

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