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[Sticky] How to report something

Tessa Geniets
Kelpie Admin

Thanks for noticing something is wrong or could be added! Your help is very much appreciated!
Please follow these steps to report any issues:

1. Open a new topic and tag it accordingly (see tags at point 2).

2. State the nature of the issue.

  • [GR] Grammar error
  • [OU] Outdated information
  • [WR] Wrong information
  • [IN] Incomplete information
  • [OT] Other (?)

3. Share the link to the affected page.

4. Give or link the solution to the problem (this could be a link to a website with updated information, or a simple correction on the grammar issue).

5. Additionally: When an issue is related to religion or geography, add your perspective to it. For example: A dragon can mean something else to someone that lives in Europe compared to someone that lives in Asia. Respect the origin of the described creature and add your own. This is ever so important for topics that could be related to religion.

Thank you!

The only things that have no place in imagination, are boundaries.

Topic starter Posted : 11/01/2021 5:48 pm