Thank you for considering! But before you do anything, please read the following thoroughly! I’m sorry for all the requirements, but these are in place to save both you, and us time, But also to make sure you understand what we do and don’t do with your art. Some other requirements are in place to protect ourselves and genuine artists from copyright infringements and law suits. I hope you understand!


What’s in it for you?

  • We will link to your website or portfolio within any article and at any place where your art is used.
  • If you have your art for sale on your website, Displate, Etsy, Redbubble etc, we can add a link to those shops. Make sure you mention this, we don’t change it later.
  • Extra exposure, external links linking to your website and webshop.
  • A place to give your personal works additional value.


  • Your image needs to be crisp.
  • Your art will only be considered if you have your fundamentals down.
  • You can only send in art pieces that you own and haven’t been sold by you to a cliënt, or are part of an exclusive program.
  • Your image needs to be .jpeg, 72 DPI, and no larger than 1MB.
  • Want to do a featured image? Contact us about that before you start on the work.
  • You need to have your signature upon your artwork, this has to be small, at the bottom, and clearly visible.
  • Have a style fitting the theme of the website.
  • You need to be part of the community and have posted art in the Facebook group at least three times in a time period of at least three months (we need to know you).
  • We need to have your real name, and you need to have your own website or a website connected to Artstation to be able to contribute.

Copyright infringements

  • Any copyright infringements from 3rd parties by an artist participating in this initiative will be directed to said artist. This will mean permanent exclusion from the initiative, the forum, and social media pages. If needed, and LtL needs to protect itself, it can be taken to court. We will research your sources, if we suspect a scam, you will be permanently excluded from the initiative. We do not take any chances.
  • Under every image, the contributor will be clearly stated. This means that, if a scam takes place despite our efforts to prevent that, the rightful owner can find you.
  • We need to know who you are for legal reasons, you cannot contribute under an alias.


  • Sending your art doesn’t automatically mean your art will be used on the website. It may instead go into an archive for later use.
  • Your art might be displayed in the article, or in the archive that’s attached to the article.
  • In some rare cases, your art might be displayed in the featured image if the size corresponds.
  • Your art will always belong to you, LtL doesn’t own it in any way, shape, or form.
  • Note that, by providing your art, you allow LtL to use it anywhere on the website and related social media pages.
  • You can request to have your art removed at any moment and time from the website.
  • When removal is requested, we will do so within two weeks of your request. Note that we cannot do this on social media platforms.
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements, else your work won’t be considered.
  • LtL will not monetize your art in any direct manner. But we do monetize the website itself.

Submission form


This form has been built by Dan Peck from Steele Inspirations!