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Stay tuned, because real soon Life to Legend will have a brand new course available! It's about time that the next step is taken and we will do so through Skillshare, at least to begin with. Here you will learn how to draw multiple animals from references, and we go deeper into specifics like how to draw fur, feathers, paws and claws, eyes, and so on.

Hi! My name is Tessa, I’m a Dutch artist, art director, and creative project manager. I love to share my passion for this craft, nature, art and fantasy, and do that by creating this archive and community, alongside my company Tez Art & Design.

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What will the courses be like?

Life to Legend is a platform for people to learn. Up till now this mostly meant weekly blog posts about art and nature-related things. This supports the main subjects: Creature, and character design. So far we also have a Facebook page and a Discord server to socialize, collaborate, and ask for feedback. But I’m really excited to say that it’s time to take the next step: Courses!

At least for now I will be offering the courses through Skillshare. In the future, I will proceed to offer them straight through Life to Legend. On skillshare you can expect to find courses like:

  • How to draw a mandril from a reference
  • How to draw a treefrog from a reference
  • Drawing a tucan from a reference
  • Drawing a horse from a reference

The above will be single courses. They are the ones to start with and will help you to get a hang of drawing a variety of subjects and get familiar with what we can find in the animal kingdom.
Following we will continue to dig into things like:

  • Fur and hair
  • Scales
  • Skin
  • Feathers
  • Paws and claws
  • Beaks
  • Eyes
  • Horns, antlers, and teeth
  • Ears
  • Patterns

These are mostly shorter courses that are meant to help you on your way to the next step we will be taking on Skillshare. This will be a series of creature designs that you can either draw along with me or can come up with yourself with my guidance, depending on your skill level.

  • Aquatic creature
  • Terrestrial creature
  • Avian creature
  • Anthropomorph

Mind you, and this is important: I assume that you already have a good understanding of art fundamentals. I will be using Photoshop, but if you use another program and know where to find all of the tools, you can easily join me.

Some of the subjects we will be drawing

Why skillshare?

This is a good question. I have been mulling over it for a long time. I would be shooting myself in the foot if I did, but also if I didn’t. The thing is: It’s hard to get traffic on any website these days. Life to Legend has a lot of traffic, but it doesn’t justify having courses here -yet-. Financially this is not doable right now and would be too big of a gamble.

Skillshare does have the traffic, I have been working with them in the past (sponsored link) and this was a very nice collaboration, especially considering the level I was at at the time. The return justified the work I put into the course as well. So, to get around the ‘shooting myself in the foot’ part I decided to do the following:

The courses listed above will sooner or later become available on Skillshare as a starting point for what is to come here on Life to Legend. But on Life to Legend itself, the courses will be of a different level. The courses here will dig deeper into character and creature design than those on Skillshare will. I decided to do it this way to ensure the integrity of Life to Legend.

By the time I’m done with the courses for Skillshare, I will have all the skills and tools required to not only create master courses but also guide people where needed here on Life to Legend. By that time I will also have had my private mentorship with Adam Duff (Lucidpixul) and I can then confidently pass on to you guys what I learned under the label of Life to Legend.

Can I get the course for free?

Yes and no. The courses are premium, but there is a way to watch them for free anyway, this is by using the one-month trial you can get here. After that Skillshare will only cost you around 9 euro’s a month and all my courses and that of everyone else available on Skillshare you can watch for that same price. I am not allowed to release the courses on a different platform, so I will not be able to offer them for free in a different manner.

When can we expect the courses to be released?

Good question! Rather sooner than later, really. I’m expecting to release at least 1 course every 2 months, but I will aim for 1 course each month. However, we know how life goes, and sometimes we have a bit more time and sometimes a bit less. So who knows, maybe one pops up already after 2 weeks, and it could be possible that it takes a bit longer than 2 months. The first one: How to draw a Mandril can be expected by the end of October or the beginning of November 2022. So if you want to get the most out of the free subscription: Wait a bit before you enable it.

Are there other places than Skillshare where I can get the course?

I wish this was possible but the Skillshare policy doesn’t allow this. This is the ‘shooting myself in the foot’ part of it and is also the reason why I mean to continue releasing courses on Life to Legend in the future, and not just through Skillshare. I however will continue supporting everyone through Discord and Facebook.

Can I get overpaints of a private mentorship?

Yes and no, probably not, but maybe. On Skillshare I will be giving feedback to anyone that submits their art there. It’s unlikely that I will start a private mentorship, but never say never! I will however be offering overpaints and written feedback in the near future on artworks that are not done through Skillshare. This will be a service I offer right here on Life to Legend, so stay tuned!

Where can I find free resources and courses?

You can always subscribe to our newsletter (down below) and you will get the password for our Treasure Trove. Here you can find some free resources like brushes, very in-depth fur tutorials (.pdf), and texture packs. You can also get these resources for free on our Discord channel. Head over to LtL Originals and LtL free resources and grab whatever you like! Another option is to subscribe to the Youtube Channel. From time to time I will release tutorials there as well, among other things.

We would love to hear from you!

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