About Life to Legend

Life to Legend (LtL) is an initiative from Tez Art & Design, founded by Tessa Geniets and dedicated to describing anything that’s alive, a legend, or extinct in a scientific, historic and cultural way. The goal is to not only educate but also give clear directions to anyone that has some sort of storytelling component within their work or hobby. This could be a creature or character designs, (fictional) worldbuilders, storywriters and more.

For everyone

Anyone looking for a nice story about legends and creatures, or wanting to learn more about life, history, science and culture, but also about art, the component that is tying all these subjects together, is at the right place. You don’t need to be an artist to be part of this initiative. LtL is part of the Life to Legend facebook group. This group is pointed to art, but is very interesting for those that don’t practice art as well.


The history of Life to Legend goes back quite some time and is more a personal story than anything else.
Back in the days, I, Tessa Geniets, already had a passion for the wonders of life. I loved science, I loved art and I loved fantasy. Getting lost in these subject was a rule rather than an exception.
I didn’t only love drawing animals, but also creatures, while also coming up with stories about them. So the writing, the art and the interests were rooted in my core from a very young age. This reflected in my daily life, first the art, later also the writing of articles about genetics, nature reserves and more.

I could never effectively tie them together though, until I, in a whim decided to make a wildlife and creature design Facebook group. It wasn’t thought through, but it hit home for me and after 10 months the group grew to 1500 members.

Noticing the interest in the subject, the lack of information thereof and the occasional sleepless night, blend them together and you have a website like Life to Legend!

So, why Life to Legend and not Wildlife and creatures?

I get your drift, so, why not ‘Wildlife and creature design’? Well, I did a little research when starting the facebook group , I wanted to make sure a domain name with that name was available (WaCD or wildlifeandcreatures) well, the first was available, but not anymore by the time I wanted to register it. But in hindsight, that was more of a blessing than a curse. Because while thinking of a new name, the other problem I came across was that, ‘Wildlife and Creatures’ doesn’t encompass the things I wanted to do. LtL is not only about creatures, or wildlife. There is a fine line between creatures and characters, and a fine line between wildlife and science. Especially when you want to explain animals and creatures by their features. There is a scientific component behind that. And thats how Life to Legend was born.